How Poor Attic Ventilation Can Ruin a New Charlotte Roof

If you're a homeowner in the Charlotte metro area, one of the areas that can be ignored during your new roof installation is making sure that your new roof is properly ventilated.

If this isn't done, over time even the best roofing installation and materials could fail.

The truth is that a new roof needs a continuous flow of outside air in order to ensure that the roofing structure stays in excellent condition over the life of the roof.

When a roof is properly ventilated, there will be an equal balance in the attic between air intake and air exhaust.

Without a consistent flow of air, over time problems with temperature and moisture can arise.

The goal is to ensure to prevent extreme temperature and moisture levels with proper attic insulation.

If this isn't done, you may may experience:

  • Higher utility bills
  • A build-up of mold and mildew that could threaten the health of everyone in the household
  • Damage to siding, wallpaper, and paint
  • Ice dams and melting snow that can cause your roof to leak during the winter
  • A roof that just won't last as long as it should

When High Top Roofing installs a new roof in Charlotte, we'll take the time to ensure that your roof is properly ventilated.

We'll do this by getting to the root cause of the poor airflow.

This could include anything from removing obstructions blocking your ventiliation system, adding or modifying intake and exhaust vents, recommending more insulation, and in some cases installing attic fans.

If you choose us, you'll meet the president of High Top Roofing - Earl Fremin, who will bring over 30 years of roofing experience to your project.

He'll know the best way to ensure your roof has the right ventiliation to help it last for many years to come.

Contact us or call High Top Roofing today at 704-989-3189!