Charlotte Residential Roofing – Is it better to install your roof using hand nailing or a pneumatic nail gun?

When you interview Charlotte residential roofing companies, there is probably no other topic that generates more discussion and passion among roofers than the question of whether shingles should be hand nailed or installed using a pneumatic nail gun.

We’re not shy about this topic at High Top Roofing either.

While we can install your roof using either method, we strongly recommend using a pneumatic nail gun to install your roof for a wide range of reasons.

For starters, Charlotte residential roofing projects do not require an inspection when completed. So you are highly dependent on selecting the right contractor to nail your roofing shingles down correctly the first time. If it is not nailed down correctly, you may never find out until you have an issue in the future.

Shingles on Charlotte residential roofing projects are nailed down by a crew of workers. If you are using High Top Roofing, that work will be done by a direct hire team that has been installing roofs for years with years of experience to make sure all of your nails are installed correctly the first time. Other contractors may use subcontractors for this work which can lead to inconsistent and defective nailing.

The quality of your roof installation is only as good as the weakest link on your team. That includes both the skill of the installation crew as well as using a consistent way to nail down the shingles.

That’s why we strongly recommend that your roof be nailed down using a pneumatic nail gun and not hand nailed. A nail gun will offer you a consistent, steady way of installing your roofing nails quickly and consistently. As many have said, “a nail gun does not get tired at the end of the day”. A nail installed using a gun at the end of the day is as good as the first nail installed in the morning. That’s something you might not get on a consistent basis from a crew doing hand nailing over the course of a long day. It only takes one inexperienced, tired worker to make hand nailing mistakes that you might not see. These mistakes could lead to leaks in the future.

Gun nailing is also more effective in more difficult and hard to reach steep areas. A roofing installer who can’t safely reach an area may cut corners. Many times the nail gun provides the installer with the easiest way to reach these difficult areas and to nail them down in a consistent way every time without putting the worker in a dangerous position.

Last but not least, High Top Roofing installs extra nails on your roof that you won’t get from a hand nailed installation. The speed and efficiency of the gun gives us extra time and flexibility to install these extra nails. A gun installation ensures you won’t get shorted on nails.

We’ll let you decide how you want your roof installed, but expect us to tell you that gun nailing will give you a quicker, consistent, more professional installation with less room for error.

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