Poor Charlotte Roofing Work on Very Expensive Homes

High Top Roofing brings nearly 30 years of roofing installation and repair service experience to the Charlotte metro area.

You might be surprised at what we encounter on a daily basis as we follow in the footsteps of other Charlotte roofing companies as we continue to deliver outstanding residential roofing projects on some of the most expensive homes in the area.

When you contact High Top Roofing for your next roofing project, you can be assured that we’ll be recommending the best ways to avoid these commonly observed residential roofing issues.

Shingles That are Not Gauged Properly

Nothing is more important than good workmanship when it comes to installing and spacing shingles. However, it is not uncommon for us to find homes where the shingles are not gauged properly resulting in shingle seams that are too close together. This can lead to unexpected leaks. It’s also important to make sure that no more than 5 ½ inches of each shingle is exposed. If a larger area of each shingle is exposed, it is more prone to leaks.

Improper Shingle Nailing
You’d be surprised at how often we run into shingles with nails that are driven in at an angle or nails that have been driven in too far.

Improperly nailed shingles causes tears to the fiberglass mat and compromises the integrity of the shingle. That’s why shingles that have been installed in this manner need to be removed.

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Leak Barrier Protection Not Installed

There are a number of areas on a roof that can be subject to water, ice, and snow buildup that need additional protection beyond standard shingles. Areas with valleys, flashing, eaves, and low sloping roofs are often susceptible to leaks especially during the winter. High quality Charlotte roofing companies will take the time and explain to you the best ways to protect these highly vulnerable areas.

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Roof Sections With Shingles Installed That Don’t Have Enough Slope

Charlotte roof shingles are not intended for use as a waterproof roof layer. Shingles are designed to work with gravity to keep water moving down the roof. If a section of your roof isn’t steep enough to keep the water moving, shingles should not be used. And yet we continue to observe roof sections where shingles have been used instead of alternative methods that are better able to prevent water seepage.

Safety Corners Cut by Budget Roofers

We’ve seen many instances where out of town, storm chaser roofing companies have used toe boards to create a walkway that the roofing crews use during the installation process. Toe boards are a cost cutting measure designed to give budget roofers the ability to avoid using proper safety equipment such as safety ropes, harnesses, and L-brackets.

While these toe boards may give your budget roofer a cheaper alternative to a safer roofing project, this practice is costing you money. Why? Because the toe boards create nail holes in freshly installed shingles – holes that don’t need to be there. And when the roofing project is finished, the nails holding the toe boards to your roof are pulled out. This leaves you with nail holes that can cause leaks long after your budget roofer has left town. We see and repair the holes left by this practice just about every week.

These are just some of the poor Charlotte residential roofing work that we’ve encountered and this is just a sampling of poor quality roofing work we’ve run into on homes with complicated roof designs in Charlotte, North Carolina.

This post was written by Earl Fremin - the president and owner of High Top Roofing and the author of the Charlotte Roofing and Construction Blog. Earl brings over 30 years of roofing experience to each and every project.

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