Unexpected Causes of Charlotte Residential Roofing Leaks

High Top Roofing brings over 30 years of installation and repair service experience to the problems associated with Charlotte residential roofing leaks.

One question we’re asked often by our customers is “why after so many years without any issues, did our home begin to experience Charlotte residential roofing leaks?” This is a common question we receive typically during the winter when accumulated snow and ice begin to melt and leaking occurs.

When you contact High Top Roofing for your next roofing project, you should expect that we’ll have an answer to this question and provide you with a custom game plan to address the residential roofing leaks you may be experiencing.

The most common areas where unexpected Charlotte residential roofing leaks occur are valleys, flashings, eaves and areas with low sloping roofs. These areas tend to accumulate water, ice, and snow buildup. Standard shingles in these areas are not enough to prevent leaks in these areas and additional protection is usually required. Valleys in particular are a prime area that is subject to leaks.

One solution that has provided outstanding results to our customers has been to use an underlayment material such as Owens Corning’s WeatherLock Ice and Water Barrier product.

We’ll assess the areas on your roof that are the most likely areas where roofing leaks typically occur and we’ll recommend that an underlayment product such as WinterGuard be installed underneath the new shingles on your roof.

This underlayment material will give you added protection for the areas on your roof that are most susceptible to nasty build-ups of ice and snow that can cause trapped water to seep through your roof causing damage to both your roof deck, insulation, and the interior of your home.

While it is not cost effective to install this type of product everywhere on your roof, we’ll recommend that it be installed in the areas that are most susceptible to water pooling and intrusion.

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When you contact us, you should expect that we’ll take the time to recommend a custom roofing solution for your home – one that may blend a combination of traditional roofing shingles along with underlayment materials to give you the best long term protection.

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