Cricket Repairs on Charlotte Roofs

When it comes to roof repairs in Charlotte, one of the most common types of roofing repairs made by High Top Roofing involves cricket repairs.

As shown below, a cricket is a section of the roof that's surrounded by a roofing section that slopes into the area and/or the house.

As you can tell from the photo, a cricket is highly susceptible to roof leaks because of the large volume of water that can flow through the area.

In this case, the roof that slopes into the area and the siding area of the house can both bring large volumes of water through this section of the roof.

As a result, many of the roof repair work calls we receive are about fixing links in a cricket area.

To fix links in a cricket we generally do the following:

Tear off the shingles and underlayment in the area.
Install an ice and water barrier.
Then we install new shingles in the area.


Because crickets can have a large volume of water that flows through them, at High Top Roofing we take great care in our to make sure our cricket repairs are done to very high standards.

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