Charlotte Roofing Insurance Claims

If your home has suffered wind, hail or other weather damage, High Top Roofing can help you file a Charlotte roofing insurance claim and help you receive a fast and fair insurance settlement that will allow you to repair all of the damage caused by the storm.

The process of filing a Charlotte roofing insurance claim can feel like an overwhelming and stressful process at times.

We can help you with your insurance claim by:

  • Meeting with the insurance company adjuster when your roof is inspected.
  • Ensuring that all the damage is properly identified and included in your claim settlement.
  • Helping you with additional paperwork if needed to finalize your claim.
  • Working with your insurance company to ensure that your claim settlement includes everything you need to restore your home to its pre-storm condition.

Representing yourself against a large insurance company can put you at a huge disadvantage. Don’t take that chance.

If your Charlotte roofing insurance claim has been turned down or is not enough to cover the damage call us.

We have a 97% success rate with getting our customers the full insurance company settlement they are entitled to.

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