Charlotte Residential Roofing Shingle Maintenance

High Top Roofing brings nearly 30 years of residential roofing installation and repair service experience to the Metro Charlotte, North Carolina area.

We believe that maintaining your Charlotte residential roof is a critical part of keeping you home looking its best while maintaining its value.

When you request a free estimate from High Top Roofing, we’ll be sure to coach you on best practices for Charlotte shingle maintenance after the installation of your new roof. The following steps will add years to the life of your new roof long after we’ve finished the work.

Keep your roof clean

Clean leaves, debris, and garbage off your roof at least twice a year. Removing these objects on a regular basis will ensure that water doesn’t accumulate and lead to deterioration of the asphalt shingles.

Check for Algae and Moss

Algae and moss formations can lead to the deterioration of asphalt shingles. Algae and moss must be promptly removed and shingles should be sprayed to discourage the return of this growth in the future.

Inspect your roof for loose shingles

Over time, roof shingles can become loose. If you find loose shingles, secure them by applying a small quantity of cement to the underside of the shingles and by using nails to secure them. Damaged and missing shingles should be repaired or replaced as quickly as possible.

Keep your gutters clean

Keeping your gutters free of debris is essential to ensure that water flows properly off your roof. You should check both the gutters and the downspouts to ensure that all potential blockage is removed.

Inspect your roof for overgrown tree branches

Look for tree branches that may have grown onto the roof and might be creating unnecessary wear on your roof as the branches are blown by the wind. Any branches that are scraping your roof need to be removed.

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When you hire us, you should expect that we’ll help you with the best ways to maintain your Charlotte asphalt shingle roofing.

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